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#WhereIStand - Linda Hudson, Candidate for 8th Ward Alderman shares where she stands on issues that impact the 8th Ward and the City of Chicago. Find out more at Follow us on Facebook: Citizens for Linda Hudson 8th Ward Aldermanic Candidate

Strategy for Reducing Violence
Establishment of a Civilian Police Accountability Council.
Reinstatement of the CAP’s program with full funding.
A revamp of CPD training with an emphasis on diversity and building
community relationships.
More Beat cops who walk or ride bikes to establish better community
A new Superintendent with new ideas and a better understanding of real
community policing.

City Pensions
This crisis is not the fault of city employees but the current Aldermen
who kept deferring payments when they were reasonable.
Now we have to fix it.
TIF money must be considered in helping to reduce the pension crisis.
Money from a city casino should also be earmarked for pension relief and
A new pension and medical benefit program must be negotiated with city

Currently, there are too many problems facing the city for TIFS to
continue as structured.
TIFS have been mostly used for Downtown development or the Mayor’s pet
Unless the city is going to use TIF’s as they were intended then I
support the elimination of TIFs.

Raising Revenue

We have to think outside the box.
A storm drainage fee for large corporations, big box stores, private
universities and others with large parking lots that burden the city
rainwater drainage system.
A state banking system based on North Dakota’s public banking model
where all government money (excluding pensions) is deposited and
earnings are used to assist development and small businesses

Lead in Water
Addressing and mitigating lead content in water should be a priority
over any other capital improvements.
If necessary, shift Menu money to address testing and infrastructure
Any new tax money for Chicago from marijuana legalization should go for
water safety
Most Pressing Issue
The lack of neighborhood businesses that meet the shopping needs of Ward
I will engage every business, organization, and vendor in the Ward and
include community input to develop a strategic plan to revitalize
economic development in the 8th Ward.
I will end the use of favoritism based on political support or personal
relationships in determining the dissemination of information or who
receives city services.
That ends the day I am sworn in.

City Council Independence
Independence starts with who is on the city council.
Electing new alderman such as myself is the key to city council
I believe the City Council should use its legislative authority to hold
Committee hearings on some of the major issues facing Chicago instead of
simply following mayoral dictates

I will push to end Chicago Board of Education appointments by insisting
on elected Board members by community input.
I will demand that any revenues generated from a city casino or new
sources be directed to augment Board of Education operations.
I will work for more oversight and input on the community level in
cooperation with principals to determine the best use of school funding.

I vow to do whatever I can to end the culture of corruption in the City
of Chicago beginning with the 8th Ward Alderman’s office.
Once elected I will offer, as a provision, amendment or Ordinance, to
limit my term to three (3) consecutive terms, while working in concert
with other Aldermen, to enact such an Ordinance to apply to all
I will end the “pay to play” way of doing business between Chicago City
government officials and staff in the 8th Ward and work with other
progressive officials to enact similar measures across city government.
I will work to give the City Inspector General more power, support and
access in conducting internal government investigations.

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