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Dangerous Eyesore

Hello, fellow Citizens of the 8th Ward. I wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement in my efforts to unseat the current Alderman of our Ward. The words expressed to me openly and in private are both heartfelt and greatly appreciated. I wanted you to know that I will do all I can to live up to and even exceed your expectations as your new spokesperson and representative in the Chicago City Council. To that end, I want to address an issue that I have been particularly focused on - the continued blight and deterioration of both infrastructure and property in the 8th Ward. I have seen many instances and horrific examples of what poor management of public funds and resources, lack of adequate and professional leadership as well as understanding the true needs of a community can do. The result is what you see here and this is just one of many such instances. Not only is this privately owned two-flat building in need of repair, it is a potentially dangerous structure that is definitely an eyesore. This property sits at the intersection of 93rd Street and Jeffery Blvd., in clear view of suburban commuters and local residents who pass by this area on that busy and heavily traveled thoroughfare daily. It's not as if this building is tucked back away from a major arterial street. It is right up front, open for anyone to look upon its deteriorating exterior, boarded up facade, crumbling back porch and overgrown yard. There is trash strewn everywhere, weeds, mold, and algae appear to be growing on its front stairs, vinyl siding falling off the rear enclosed porch, and the property is unsecured - open in the front and back, potentially becoming a "spot" for drug dealers and malcontents to use it as a place to ply their trade or engage in whatever criminal enterprise comes to mind. There is also the consideration that both adults and children, for whatever reason, could try to enter this structure, which could result in serious injury or worse. There is also the issue of sanitation, rat, and other vermin infestation. So, the question becomes: What is the current Alderman doing about THIS particular piece of property, not to mention the hundreds of others in similar condition that pepper our Ward? You'd think that citations would be written, civil lawsuits filed, even develop plans to seize/acquire the property through eminent domain or some other legal means to have it either refurbished or demolished. Instead, apparently, there is a willingness to simply ignore this building - which sits just at the edge of the Pill Hill community - as this election season approaches and the current Alderman hopes no one will notice. Well, WE notice and we encourage her to DO SOMETHING about these issues as certainly I will once I am elected to replace her. And isn't it ironic that the current Alderman has been an advocate for building a 7 story high-rise, low-income senior facility to be constructed only a few blocks away, but has yet to address this structure which presents a current and present danger? So, my fellow 8th Ward residents, please continue to keep me informed. Send me your pictures so I can call out the current Alderman while making my case to replace her with responsive, competent and compassionate leadership in the 8th Ward!
View of the property at 1957 East 93rd Street from the rear, on Jeffery Blvd, looking north. NOtice the missing and falling vinyl siding peeling off of the enclosed rear porch. View of the front of 1957 East 93rd Street from the southwest corner of 93rd Street at Jeffery.
A view of the front and side yard of 1957 East 93rd Street looking south from 93rd Street. View of the front entrance of 1957 East 93rd Street. Notice the growth of vegetation on the front concrete steps, the plywood boards and the falling soffit.
A view of 1957 East 93rd Street from the north side of 93rd Street.

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