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The Power of Incumbent Aldermen, Abuse and it’s Ongoing Misuse…Part One

Part One ...Of a series Hello Fellow 8th Ward Constituents: In the spirit of keeping you informed, my staff and I have come across some rather curious undertakings. Now, keep in mind that anyone is capable of believing in the occasional coincidence. They happen all the time or when we least expect it. But, when it comes to politics – especially Chicago Style – there simply is no such thing as pure coincidence. Since last Friday and through the weekend, we have noticed what I’ll call a “flurry of activity”, much of it spurred on by the incumbent, Alderman Harris, who appears to be kinda desperate, suddenly – and supposedly without prompting – beginning to address a huge number of issues that have been plaguing the Ward for years or, at least, since the last election. Funny how all these things suddenly are attended to as the Linda Hudson for 8th Ward Alderman campaign is starting to push back. I mean, lets’ face it - and I’m certain that many of my fellow 8th Ward residents have noticed, that if it weren’t for the fact that my campaign put the Alderman on blast about everything from dilapidated and dangerous buildings to wind-blown trash and stacked debris across the Ward, nothing was being done. And, we’d be willing to wager, that were it not for the pressure we are applying and the very real chance we have to remove Alderman Harris from office, repurpose and refocus our efforts to be ACTIVE rather than REACTIVE toward the needs of our constituents, those problems still would not be addressed. What proof do I have? Well, let’s examine what we observed personally and have learned from the average citizens and voters in our Ward who have spoken to me directly, sent me emails, photographs – with commentary – and actual media publications and broadcasts. But, for the sake of clarity, let’s address some of these things as they were presented to me and my staff. So we are presenting these issues to you and, rather than all at once, we will post them one or two segments at a time: Part One: Several weeks ago, our campaign posted up pictures of the dangerous and apparently abandoned property located on the southwest corner of 93rd and Jeffery Blvd. social media platform, including Facebook, in which we wondered why that property had been allowed to remain in that state for years. We received numerous responses from area residents and other citizens from the 8th Ward who wondered why something hadn’t been done. The Alderman and her staff initially claimed that efforts had been made over a period of time to deal with that property, but that certain protocols and legal considerations had to be observed before action could be taken. And, apparently, this effort on the Alderman’s part had been going on for some time. However, strangely enough, just last week, the Alderman’s staff posted on several Facebook pages a number of pictures and a commentary on how they were getting the job done. What is remarkable and, supposedly a coincidence, is that this all occurred and action taken only after our campaign put them on blast. We applaud their effort, albeit kinda late, but at least something was done. The only problem is, rather than simply cleaning up the property and securing it so that it could not be accessed illegally or used for some criminal purpose – that structure was DEMOLISHED! I mean…why? Really. There was no reason to do that unless it was totally unsalvageable. In fact, there were a number of respondents who would have acquired the property, improve it for sale, rental or their own use. Do we really need another vacant lot? Go figure!

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