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The Power of Incumbent Aldermen, Abuse and it’s Ongoing Misuse…Part Two

Part Two... Then there was the weekend Back To School rallies and block parties in the Ward. One of the block parties, in particular, was intended to introduce local business owners and area residents to politicians, incumbent and those running against them. J.B. Pritzker, the Democratic Candidate for the Governor of Illinois was slated to appear at this block club party and mingle with the organizers, one of whom is a business owner who actually has a shop next to the residences where the block party was taking place at 86th Place just east of Stony. Normally, events like these are open for anyone to attend – the more citizens and prospective voters present, the more the candidates can glad-hand, engage and answer questions that voters have of their current and potential future elected officials. Well, it seems Alderman Harris was having none of it once she discovered that I and members of my campaign had set up a tent and table, engaged the area residents, and – quite frankly – had a ball hanging out with members of our community. She ordered/instructed/ admonished the “handlers” of J.B. Pritzker to not attend. I should add that once Alderman Harris arrived, she instructed several “advance” people who normally aid the politicians on site to “remove” me or make me leave. Well, that didn’t happen. I didn’t go anywhere, had no intention of going and was astonished to hear that she actually gave that order. The problem with that approach on Alderman Harris’ part is that barring any criminal or potential criminal activity or a legitimate complaint that I was so engaged – or members of my staff – as a private citizen, I had every right to be there. I had done nothing wrong, nor had members of my staff. There were no criminal complaints nor police intervention. So, on what basis could she demand that I be removed? Alderman Harris is neither a sworn law enforcement officer nor does she have the power of arrest or the power to order someone to take anyone into custody unless a crime has been committed. The nerve! And this whole thing was unfortunate because her actions prevented a huge segment of our community voter base from meeting and engaging with Mr. Pritzker. That could be problematic come election time. And to think she made this calculated decision because I was there! I’m flattered. But I wonder: Did she tell Mr. Pritzker or did his staff advise him just how dangerous that very park is ... and it's only a few hundred yards from the Alderman's home and the crime scene where a young anti-violence activist was murdered? I kinda doubt it.

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