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he Power of Incumbent Aldermen, Abuse and it’s Ongoing Misuse…Part Three

Part Three So, we noticed all this unusual activity during and subsequent to all the Saturday festivities. And although we reasonably expect that the Alderman would pull out all the stops to make the areas of the parties and political gatherings look clean and inviting to folks, the effort was notable because, in all honesty, we rarely see this kind of activity during the intervening period between elections. Trash, refuse, landscaping, lighting, a police presence, Streets and Sanitation crews …a virtual army of personnel made available to make the incumbent Alderman look good was put into action. But it seems that Alderman Harris outdid herself. How? It appears that she chose to ignore the reality of increased violence and fear that is ramping up in our community as evidenced by the wanton murder of a young anti-violence advocate just several blocks east of the 86th Place block party – and her personal residence. Notably, there was continued activity all through the weekend with Streets and Sanitation crews, with supervisors on the scene, overseeing workers up and down Stony Island Avenue – with an actual garbage truck assigned for this singular detail – and on a Sunday. A Sunday! Isn’t that considered …overtime? But to our knowledge, there was no mention - not a peep - about the horrific shooting that took place only a few hundred yards from the Alderman's home. If she didn't want to get deep in the weeds about the escalating and increasing incidents of random gun violence in her/our Ward and in the very neighborhood in which she resides, she could have at least acknowledged the incident and pledged to address it in depth at a later time. Instead, she chose to ignore this terrible incident that affected her actual neighbors, hoping that the approaching carnival atmosphere and spectacle of political glad-handing would drown out the concerns, grief, and horror experienced by her constituents. Somebody explain to Alderman Harris that clean streets, the absence of trash and debris, and the presence of City Streets and Sanitation workers laboring to temporarily spruce-up particular areas in our community does not equate to the prevention or advocacy against murder and increasing gun violence.
This is the photograph of a Streets and Sanitation Supervisor in his truck, providing direction to a garbage truck crew on a Sunday along Stony Island. This is a photograph of the Streets and Sanitation truck and crew aboard, cleaning up and down Stony Island on a Sunday afternoon.

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