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We know when Election Season is upon us when ...

My staff and I have come to realize that we are entering the re-election season for incumbent elected officials - especially when it comes to folks who are hoping to be retained in the 8th Ward. Case in point: During our campaign, we've been contacted by residents of various neighborhoods and communities about city services that "materialized" from nowhere. It seems that Alderman Harris has been busy doling out "favors" to friends and supporters by providing them with everything from new sidewalks to the new much sought after city street lights. We've discovered after talking with residents in some of these neighborhoods in the 8th Ward that in several instances the sidewalks that were replaced were not necessary - especially those that were only in front of the private residences of some of the Alderman's most ardent supporters. In other instances, sidewalks that were in perfectly good working order were torn up, removed and new concrete was laid. Yet there was no indication that a request for the work had been submitted. Well, now we have another curious situation: Unless there has been some change in regulations pertaining to the installation of the new street lighting in comparison to the old installations when were lights installed ON SIDEWALKS? We recognize that in some instances that might become necessary based on requirements set by city installers or related regulations pertaining to City Code or electrical requirements for the public space. Usually, they are placed on the city "parkway", and I would imagine that if that space were restricted for some reason ...well, you do what you must. You improvise. However, there is a school of thought and speculation that since most of the installations require the trenching and installation of electrical cables, a special device/platform designed to support and hold the lighting pole, which also requires the concrete to be poured, set, the platform properly leveled and the cables pulled - all before the actual installation of the lighting pole system ... well, it appears folks didn't want to wait and were, let's say, in a big hurry. But don't you find it odd that in Marynook, the Alderman, in her rush to curry favor with voters in the neighborhood, allowed these new lights to be installed ON THE SIDEWALKS! That is very ...odd. Aside from the fact that it restricts space on public walkways, once can deduce that they could be a hazard for pedestrians, bike traffic, children playing... a whole host of reasons why this is ... different. What adds to the strangeness - and underscores the rush and apparent lack of fairness on who gets the lighting - is the very stark fact that this installation took place out of thin air. None of the residents affected by this installation of street lighting expected or asked for it. In fact, based on conversations held with residents of Marynook, the so-called LIST (translation: a first come/first serve or favorite supporters first list, depending on who you ask in the Alderman's office) - which to this day is still invisible, is alleged to have designated other areas to receive this lighting "gift". We think that Alderman Harris is so rattled about the potential outcome of this election that she has re-prioritized her LIST to entice residents of certain communities/neighborhoods in the 8th Ward so they will support her for another term. She might be mistaken in that belief.
It appears that this installation was problematic. Not just because of it's placement on a sidewalk, but it's relation to the no parking/tow zone sign.
This is a similar photo that includes the lower level lighting fixture on the pole.
I'm guessing that even to the average person the location of this lightpole is like...odd.
The same can be said for this location in which the lightpole is almost squarely in the middle of a public sidewalk.
The following three photos, when closely examined, reveal that although a "special" concrete sidewalk was poured only to accomodate this lightpole installation, you have to also notice that the adjacent original sidewalk may be in need of repair. Aside from that, could that be a blob of extra/excess concrete left on the parkway and the grass, sod, dirt and debris let in an less than complimentary state?
Notice that the adjacent original sidewalk may be in need of repair.
Aside from that, could that be a blob of extra/excess concrete left on the parkway and the grass, sod, dirt and debris let in an less than complimentary state?

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