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A Holiday Message to 8th Ward Residents

Hello and Happy Holidays Fellow 8th Ward Residents: A whole lot has happened since I addressed you all. But, I thought it important that I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and our entire community a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! We are hoping for a change in political leadership, not just in our Ward but in regard to the Executive Branch of Chicago city government - the Mayor of the City of Chicago. And, given the sea change that has occurred in our local and national politics, our choice on who fills that office will be based on many components that will affect our lives, that of our family and loved ones, and our community. I would dare to suggest that this coming election in a relatively few short weeks could drastically change our lives and the way we live, work and play in our great city. The consensus is that we will have change no matter what form it takes. But we will be the ones that make the determination as to what kind of change that will be. This is particularly important since this is potentially the first time in more than several generations that we, The People, have an opportunity to begin dismantling the old Democratic political Machine and establish a more equitable, transparent, responsive and truly representative city government. Fate has placed real choices before us after exposing an opportunistic, cynical and self-perpetuating group of career politicians who tried to play all of us for fools, counting on our acquiescence and inattention to events occurring within our own community. We have seen a powerful mayor who has chosen not to run for another term. A Chicago police officer indicted, tried and convicted for the wanton murder of a young Black man. Other influential city officials under scrutiny by the Federal government and facing possible corruption charges. Aldermanic allies of the now lame-duck mayor are scrambling to explain why they helped to hide the facts surrounding the police murder of Laquan McDonald from the public while taking monetary gifts as compensation for their complicity in this deceitful and shameful coverup. Factual evidence is being uncovered that elected officials have been misappropriating and using taxpayer monies and TIF (Tax Increment Financing) funds, in some cases transferring or authorizing those funds originally earmarked for underprivileged and poorer minority communities, to projects favored and championed by the wealthy and connected. Without going too deep into our historical interactions with structured political corruption, and in particular that dynamic as it was exercised between Chicago politicians, power brokers and the Black community for many decades You know, the Precinct Captain coming around, knocking on your door, asking what you need and reminding you of voting day and HOW to vote. If that wasn’t totally clear or you seemed hesitant, he’d imply a veiled threat about certain city services that might not be made available or the ordering of a “city inspection” or a potential city job vacancy that had been promised might not be open after all. This method of governance and institutional control had always been “baked in.” It became so successful and prevalent that most people simply accepted it as the way things were done…at least in Chicago. On a more basic level, if you were at odds with your elected representative, did not contribute to their campaign or otherwise ran afoul of them, you were denied that which you were legally entitled. Ultimately, this whole sordid business is all about greed, personal wealth and aggrandizement and, of course, power. And the root of that almost universally accepted norm is corruption – individually and institutionally. Consider that much of what we have seen all our lives from the time our parents could vote to how our city is run today has more to do with how corrupt elected official choose to control the process. Everything from how

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