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Friday, December 28, 2018

A Holiday Message to 8th Ward Residents

Hello and Happy Holidays Fellow 8th Ward Residents: A whole lot has happened since I addressed you all. But, I thought it important that I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and our entire community a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! We are hoping for a change in political leadership, not just in our Ward but in regard to the Executive Branch of Chicago city government - the Mayor of the City of Chicago. And, given the sea change that has occurred in our local and national politics, our choice on who fills that office will be based on many components that will affect our lives, that of our family and loved ones, and our community. I would dare to suggest that this coming election in a relatively few short weeks could drastically change our lives and the way we live, work and play in our great city. The consensus is that we will have change no matter what form it takes. But we will be the ones that make the determination as to what kind of change that will be. This is particularly important since this is potentially the first time in more than several generations that we, The People, have an opportunity to begin dismantling the old Democratic political Machine and establish a more equitable, transparent, responsive and truly representative city government. Fate has placed real choices before us after exposing an opportunistic, cynical and self-perpetuating group of career politicians who tried to play all of us for fools, counting on our acquiescence and inattention to events occurring within our own community. We have seen a powerful mayor who has chosen not to run for another term. A Chicago police officer indicted, tried and convicted for the wanton murder of a young Black man. Other influential city officials under scrutiny by the Federal government and facing possible corruption charges. Aldermanic allies of the now lame-duck mayor are scrambling to explain why they helped to hide the facts surrounding the police murder of Laquan McDonald from the public while taking monetary gifts as compensation for their complicity in this deceitful and shameful coverup. Factual evidence is being uncovered that elected officials have been misappropriating and using taxpayer monies and TIF (Tax Increment Financing) funds, in some cases transferring or authorizing those funds originally earmarked for underprivileged and poorer minority communities, to projects favored and championed by the wealthy and connected. Without going too deep into our historical interactions with structured political corruption, and in particular that dynamic as it was exercised between Chicago politicians, power brokers and the Black community for many decades You know, the Precinct Captain coming around, knocking on your door, asking what you need and reminding you of voting day and HOW to vote. If that wasn’t totally clear or you seemed hesitant, he’d imply a veiled threat about certain city services that might not be made available or the ordering of a “city inspection” or a potential city job vacancy that had been promised might not be open after all. This method of governance and institutional control had always been “baked in.” It became so successful and prevalent that most people simply accepted it as the way things were done…at least in Chicago. On a more basic level, if you were at odds with your elected representative, did not contribute to their campaign or otherwise ran afoul of them, you were denied that which you were legally entitled. Ultimately, this whole sordid business is all about greed, personal wealth and aggrandizement and, of course, power. And the root of that almost universally accepted norm is corruption – individually and institutionally. Consider that much of what we have seen all our lives from the time our parents could vote to how our city is run today has more to do with how corrupt elected official choose to control the process. Everything from how

Friday, September 14, 2018

he Power of Incumbent Aldermen, Abuse and it’s Ongoing Misuse…Part Three

Part Three So, we noticed all this unusual activity during and subsequent to all the Saturday festivities. And although we reasonably expect that the Alderman would pull out all the stops to make the areas of the parties and political gatherings look clean and inviting to folks, the effort was notable because, in all honesty, we rarely see this kind of activity during the intervening period between elections. Trash, refuse, landscaping, lighting, a police presence, Streets and Sanitation crews …a virtual army of personnel made available to make the incumbent Alderman look good was put into action. But it seems that Alderman Harris outdid herself. How? It appears that she chose to ignore the reality of increased violence and fear that is ramping up in our community as evidenced by the wanton murder of a young anti-violence advocate just several blocks east of the 86th Place block party – and her personal residence. Notably, there was continued activity all through the weekend with Streets and Sanitation crews, with supervisors on the scene, overseeing workers up and down Stony Island Avenue – with an actual garbage truck assigned for this singular detail – and on a Sunday. A Sunday! Isn’t that considered …overtime? But to our knowledge, there was no mention - not a peep - about the horrific shooting that took place only a few hundred yards from the Alderman's home. If she didn't want to get deep in the weeds about the escalating and increasing incidents of random gun violence in her/our Ward and in the very neighborhood in which she resides, she could have at least acknowledged the incident and pledged to address it in depth at a later time. Instead, she chose to ignore this terrible incident that affected her actual neighbors, hoping that the approaching carnival atmosphere and spectacle of political glad-handing would drown out the concerns, grief, and horror experienced by her constituents. Somebody explain to Alderman Harris that clean streets, the absence of trash and debris, and the presence of City Streets and Sanitation workers laboring to temporarily spruce-up particular areas in our community does not equate to the prevention or advocacy against murder and increasing gun violence.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Power of Incumbent Aldermen, Abuse and it’s Ongoing Misuse…Part Two

Part Two... Then there was the weekend Back To School rallies and block parties in the Ward. One of the block parties, in particular, was intended to introduce local business owners and area residents to politicians, incumbent and those running against them. J.B. Pritzker, the Democratic Candidate for the Governor of Illinois was slated to appear at this block club party and mingle with the organizers, one of whom is a business owner who actually has a shop next to the residences where the block party was taking place at 86th Place just east of Stony. Normally, events like these are open for anyone to attend – the more citizens and prospective voters present, the more the candidates can glad-hand, engage and answer questions that voters have of their current and potential future elected officials. Well, it seems Alderman Harris was having none of it once she discovered that I and members of my campaign had set up a tent and table, engaged the area residents, and – quite frankly – had a ball hanging out with members of our community. She ordered/instructed/ admonished the “handlers” of J.B. Pritzker to not attend. I should add that once Alderman Harris arrived, she instructed several “advance” people who normally aid the politicians on site to “remove” me or make me leave. Well, that didn’t happen. I didn’t go anywhere, had no intention of going and was astonished to hear that she actually gave that order. The problem with that approach on Alderman Harris’ part is that barring any criminal or potential criminal activity or a legitimate complaint that I was so engaged – or members of my staff – as a private citizen, I had every right to be there. I had done nothing wrong, nor had members of my staff. There were no criminal complaints nor police intervention. So, on what basis could she demand that I be removed? Alderman Harris is neither a sworn law enforcement officer nor does she have the power of arrest or the power to order someone to take anyone into custody unless a crime has been committed. The nerve! And this whole thing was unfortunate because her actions prevented a huge segment of our community voter base from meeting and engaging with Mr. Pritzker. That could be problematic come election time. And to think she made this calculated decision because I was there! I’m flattered. But I wonder: Did she tell Mr. Pritzker or did his staff advise him just how dangerous that very park is ... and it's only a few hundred yards from the Alderman's home and the crime scene where a young anti-violence activist was murdered? I kinda doubt it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Power of Incumbent Aldermen, Abuse and it’s Ongoing Misuse…Part One

Part One ...Of a series Hello Fellow 8th Ward Constituents: In the spirit of keeping you informed, my staff and I have come across some rather curious undertakings. Now, keep in mind that anyone is capable of believing in the occasional coincidence. They happen all the time or when we least expect it. But, when it comes to politics – especially Chicago Style – there simply is no such thing as pure coincidence. Since last Friday and through the weekend, we have noticed what I’ll call a “flurry of activity”, much of it spurred on by the incumbent, Alderman Harris, who appears to be kinda desperate, suddenly – and supposedly without prompting – beginning to address a huge number of issues that have been plaguing the Ward for years or, at least, since the last election. Funny how all these things suddenly are attended to as the Linda Hudson for 8th Ward Alderman campaign is starting to push back. I mean, lets’ face it - and I’m certain that many of my fellow 8th Ward residents have noticed, that if it weren’t for the fact that my campaign put the Alderman on blast about everything from dilapidated and dangerous buildings to wind-blown trash and stacked debris across the Ward, nothing was being done. And, we’d be willing to wager, that were it not for the pressure we are applying and the very real chance we have to remove Alderman Harris from office, repurpose and refocus our efforts to be ACTIVE rather than REACTIVE toward the needs of our constituents, those problems still would not be addressed. What proof do I have? Well, let’s examine what we observed personally and have learned from the average citizens and voters in our Ward who have spoken to me directly, sent me emails, photographs – with commentary – and actual media publications and broadcasts. But, for the sake of clarity, let’s address some of these things as they were presented to me and my staff. So we are presenting these issues to you and, rather than all at once, we will post them one or two segments at a time: Part One: Several weeks ago, our campaign posted up pictures of the dangerous and apparently abandoned property located on the southwest corner of 93rd and Jeffery Blvd. social media platform, including Facebook, in which we wondered why that property had been allowed to remain in that state for years. We received numerous responses from area residents and other citizens from the 8th Ward who wondered why something hadn’t been done. The Alderman and her staff initially claimed that efforts had been made over a period of time to deal with that property, but that certain protocols and legal considerations had to be observed before action could be taken. And, apparently, this effort on the Alderman’s part had been going on for some time. However, strangely enough, just last week, the Alderman’s staff posted on several Facebook pages a number of pictures and a commentary on how they were getting the job done. What is remarkable and, supposedly a coincidence, is that this all occurred and action taken only after our campaign put them on blast. We applaud their effort, albeit kinda late, but at least something was done. The only problem is, rather than simply cleaning up the property and securing it so that it could not be accessed illegally or used for some criminal purpose – that structure was DEMOLISHED! I mean…why? Really. There was no reason to do that unless it was totally unsalvageable. In fact, there were a number of respondents who would have acquired the property, improve it for sale, rental or their own use. Do we really need another vacant lot? Go figure!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Yesterday I was invited to a block party sponsored by Oya’s Barbershop & Small Business Community Outreach, a coalition of small businesses in the 8th Ward. The barbers in this shop have been cutting my son’s hair since he was a toddler. They are not only barbers, but they are friends. Several hours into the party the 8th Ward alderman stopped by and gave the order to “make her leave”. The “her” in question was me. If you’re BOSSED up, then act like a BOSS - I did, as I watched YOU leave.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We know when Election Season is upon us when ...

My staff and I have come to realize that we are entering the re-election season for incumbent elected officials - especially when it comes to folks who are hoping to be retained in the 8th Ward. Case in point: During our campaign, we've been contacted by residents of various neighborhoods and communities about city services that "materialized" from nowhere. It seems that Alderman Harris has been busy doling out "favors" to friends and supporters by providing them with everything from new sidewalks to the new much sought after city street lights. We've discovered after talking with residents in some of these neighborhoods in the 8th Ward that in several instances the sidewalks that were replaced were not necessary - especially those that were only in front of the private residences of some of the Alderman's most ardent supporters. In other instances, sidewalks that were in perfectly good working order were torn up, removed and new concrete was laid. Yet there was no indication that a request for the work had been submitted. Well, now we have another curious situation: Unless there has been some change in regulations pertaining to the installation of the new street lighting in comparison to the old installations when were lights installed ON SIDEWALKS? We recognize that in some instances that might become necessary based on requirements set by city installers or related regulations pertaining to City Code or electrical requirements for the public space. Usually, they are placed on the city "parkway", and I would imagine that if that space were restricted for some reason ...well, you do what you must. You improvise. However, there is a school of thought and speculation that since most of the installations require the trenching and installation of electrical cables, a special device/platform designed to support and hold the lighting pole, which also requires the concrete to be poured, set, the platform properly leveled and the cables pulled - all before the actual installation of the lighting pole system ... well, it appears folks didn't want to wait and were, let's say, in a big hurry. But don't you find it odd that in Marynook, the Alderman, in her rush to curry favor with voters in the neighborhood, allowed these new lights to be installed ON THE SIDEWALKS! That is very ...odd. Aside from the fact that it restricts space on public walkways, once can deduce that they could be a hazard for pedestrians, bike traffic, children playing... a whole host of reasons why this is ... different. What adds to the strangeness - and underscores the rush and apparent lack of fairness on who gets the lighting - is the very stark fact that this installation took place out of thin air. None of the residents affected by this installation of street lighting expected or asked for it. In fact, based on conversations held with residents of Marynook, the so-called LIST (translation: a first come/first serve or favorite supporters first list, depending on who you ask in the Alderman's office) - which to this day is still invisible, is alleged to have designated other areas to receive this lighting "gift". We think that Alderman Harris is so rattled about the potential outcome of this election that she has re-prioritized her LIST to entice residents of certain communities/neighborhoods in the 8th Ward so they will support her for another term. She might be mistaken in that belief.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dangerous Eyesore

Hello, fellow Citizens of the 8th Ward. I wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement in my efforts to unseat the current Alderman of our Ward. The words expressed to me openly and in private are both heartfelt and greatly appreciated. I wanted you to know that I will do all I can to live up to and even exceed your expectations as your new spokesperson and representative in the Chicago City Council. To that end, I want to address an issue that I have been particularly focused on - the continued blight and deterioration of both infrastructure and property in the 8th Ward. I have seen many instances and horrific examples of what poor management of public funds and resources, lack of adequate and professional leadership as well as understanding the true needs of a community can do. The result is what you see here and this is just one of many such instances. Not only is this privately owned two-flat building in need of repair, it is a potentially dangerous structure that is definitely an eyesore. This property sits at the intersection of 93rd Street and Jeffery Blvd., in clear view of suburban commuters and local residents who pass by this area on that busy and heavily traveled thoroughfare daily. It's not as if this building is tucked back away from a major arterial street. It is right up front, open for anyone to look upon its deteriorating exterior, boarded up facade, crumbling back porch and overgrown yard. There is trash strewn everywhere, weeds, mold, and algae appear to be growing on its front stairs, vinyl siding falling off the rear enclosed porch, and the property is unsecured - open in the front and back, potentially becoming a "spot" for drug dealers and malcontents to use it as a place to ply their trade or engage in whatever criminal enterprise comes to mind. There is also the consideration that both adults and children, for whatever reason, could try to enter this structure, which could result in serious injury or worse. There is also the issue of sanitation, rat, and other vermin infestation. So, the question becomes: What is the current Alderman doing about THIS particular piece of property, not to mention the hundreds of others in similar condition that pepper our Ward? You'd think that citations would be written, civil lawsuits filed, even develop plans to seize/acquire the property through eminent domain or some other legal means to have it either refurbished or demolished. Instead, apparently, there is a willingness to simply ignore this building - which sits just at the edge of the Pill Hill community - as this election season approaches and the current Alderman hopes no one will notice. Well, WE notice and we encourage her to DO SOMETHING about these issues as certainly I will once I am elected to replace her. And isn't it ironic that the current Alderman has been an advocate for building a 7 story high-rise, low-income senior facility to be constructed only a few blocks away, but has yet to address this structure which presents a current and present danger? So, my fellow 8th Ward residents, please continue to keep me informed. Send me your pictures so I can call out the current Alderman while making my case to replace her with responsive, competent and compassionate leadership in the 8th Ward!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Vacant businesses in the 8th Ward

These are some of the businesses that have left the 8th Ward in the last 12 years. Change is desperately needed. Linda will provide that change.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Fun at the Bowling Fundraiser

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Listening to 8th Ward residents

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