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Ethics and Accountability in the 8th Ward

I will be fully transparent with the voters and residents of the 8th Ward.  There will be regularly scheduled community meetings.

I pledge that all substantive or major infrastructure projects in the Ward will be discussed openly and information will be provided in a timely fashion.  I will work with residents to ensure they understand the facts behind the development, construction and implementation of all projects.

I will ensure that allocation of funds and resources to the Ward are fairly distributed with consideration given to urgency and need. There will be no favoritism based on political support or personal relationships.

In my work for the people of the 8th Ward, I will seek community input and be fully accessible. I will provide information that is accurate and truthful.

When working with businesses, organizations, vendors, and others who operate within the 8th Ward there will be no “pay to play.”

I will make it clear that campaign donations will not provide unfair access or influence to the Alderman. Each year I will provide a list of all contributions.

Business and Economic Development

I will engage every business, organization, and vendor in the 8th Ward and include community input to develop a strategic plan to revitalize current economic development programs and establish new initiatives to bring jobs and opportunities to the residents of the 8th Ward. 

I will establish a dialog and mechanism to keep lines of communication open to those institutions to ensure their activities benefit the community.

I will explore funding, both public and private, to help expand and improve established and new businesses in the 8th Ward. I am dedicated to drawing new entrepreneurs and their start-up business to the 8th Ward.

I will establish an Economic Development Committee of 8th Ward residents, business owners and professionals.

I will establish an 8th Ward business incubator to assist early-stage companies through their initial development phase with an array of business support resources and services, such as mentorship and technical assistance.

I will establish a business code of conduct for every business to adhere to in the 8th ward.


I will continue to support an elected school board structured to attract a good mix of people both geographically and ethnically diverse with skills and experiences that will benefit our children.

I support a moratorium on charter schools until a true evaluation of their effectiveness is done and to ensure that neighborhood schools are not being deprived of needed resources.

“Charter schools once promised a path toward educational equity, market-driven education reforms have instead boldly reestablished a tiered public school system that segregates students by race and class. Charters – private institutions usually set in poor or working-class African American and Latino communities promote competition instead of collaboration and are driven chiefly by financial interests. Charters position themselves as “public” to secure tax money but exploit their private status to hide data about enrollment and salaries, using misleading information to promote false narratives of student success.”

- Dr. David Stovall, Twenty-first Century Jim Crow Schools the Impact of Charters on Public Education


Linda speaking before the Chicago Board of Education, fighting to keep Hirsch High School open while Alderman Harris fights to close it only to reopen it and make it a charter school.


I will work to establish a Civilian Police Accountability Council comprised of elected civilians

I support the reinstatement of the CAPs program with full funding.

Seek to have more Beat cops who walk or ride bikes to establish better community relationships.

Demand a revamp of CPD training with an emphasis on diversity and building community relationships.

Responsive and Representative Governance

I will establish an online and traditional communications network between residents and the Alderman’s office to make it easier to obtain accurate and timely information about issues and concerns affecting all the neighborhoods in the Ward.

I will be honest, truthful and candid in discussions of those issues and concerns so residents will be fully informed.

As your alderman, I will work to strengthen the ties between myself and all the voters.  I will represent and provide services for everyone in the Ward.

Refocus on the Needs of Seniors and Youth

I will make communications with seniors and at-risk members of the Ward a top priority, recognizing that those members of our community should not be considered simply a voting bloc, but real people with various lifestyles, problems and concerns.

I will seek support from business and government, both financial and conceptual, to develop programs that provide training, jobs, and opportunities for at-risk youth in the Ward so they can become positive contributors to their community.


There is more than $1billion dollars in TIF funds sitting in accounts all over the city.  These monies were supposed to be for blighted communities but have been mostly used for the Mayor’s pet projects. We have closed schools and mental health clinics because “we are broke” when in reality, we are not.  Unless the city is going to use TIFs as they were intended then I support the elimination of TIFs.

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